What if I become ill?

We all hope to enjoy good health but occasionally people find themselves unable to continue working because of ill health. If this happens, the ZF UK Pension Plan may provide you with an ill-health pension at the discretion of the Trustee. However, you will need to supply medical evidence before your application is considered.

What ill-health means

When deciding whether to approve an ill-health early retirement application, the Trustee must refer to the meaning of "ill-health" as defined in the Plan Rules. If your ill-health early retirement application is approved you will receive an immediate pension.

To qualify for an ill-health pension the medical evidence must show that you are permanently unfit for any paid employment. If this is the case you will receive your pension accrued to date, unreduced for early payment*.

Please note that payment of an ill-health pension may be reviewed if your condition improves.

Ill Health procedure

The Independent Medical Assessment

*In the Closed 100ths 2006 and ZF Great Britain sections, the ZF Lemforder section for those not categorised as "In-service Deferred Member" and for members of the Closed TRW Steering and Closed TRW UK sections that left before 1 March 2001, the pension payable would be reduced for early payment.